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I used the red robe from this pack for an upgrade in my Vampire Survivors-like called Deadly Harvest.  Just what I needed and in a great art style! Thank you =)

This is Amazing Work you made! Thank you so much! ;)

Can I use your asset for one of my games ? I would surely give your name in the credits .

Your assets are amazing !

This is forever old thread, but thanks for putting up the art. Hope you are still creating cool stuff.

I am a retired programmer and now getting into game development, so far its just been top down RPG/Puzzle games for the kids but looking to do more some day.

Thanks for the artwork

Just plopping a comment down to let you know that the purchase on this page is for Asset Pack 2, and the purchase on Asset Pack 2's page is for this asset pack.

Thanks for the awesome art!


Thank you so much for the donation, I'm happy you like them! I consider this pack finished, but the #2 will be extended the next few days, so it's worth to check back later.

If you plan on continuing a semi-regular release schedule, it might be worth it for you to make a Patreon too. You would be surprised at how many people like the idea of monthly donations to creators they like. I pledge to two music theory channels on YouTube because of how much they have helped me learn. 

Thank you so much for your suggestion! I have been thinking about it for a good while. I have an unused account there, maybe I have a look at  it again to figure out how it works exactly.