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Thank you! Your arts are wonderful :)!

Thank you so much, you are really kind!

Hi Liz :)

Amazing work, just love it!

Would it be possible to get the .ai files or make your work available as Vector Graphics?

It's so that I can create Texture assets for a mobile game in different resolutions.

Thanx! :)

Hi Martin,

Thank you again! :)

I'm still not so good at vector graphics, need more practice to be able to make quality assets in this format. But I'll try it, I feel the need to obtain this knowledge.

You're welcome :)

I was sure, that your assets were created in vector graphics!

So you're using Photoshop?

That was a surprise to me!

But let me know when it's possible to get vector assets from you, that would be perfect for a kids App.

Thanx again for your amazing work :)