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good arrt, ty ^^

Hey Liz,

Great work so far, I've been using your assets and think they're fantastic. I was wondering if you've had an opportunity to work on any other nature type of tiles (such as snow/mountain) to go along with some of your add on work?

Hope you'll be able to work on characters soon as well!

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Thank you. I've been wanting to get into 2D game development, but was boggled by the Unity "basics" package I downloaded. :)

I'm loving the assets and backdrops.

Not a fan of the tiled textures though.

Really nice - I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. Just one comment/suggestion. Maybe include a set of the same tiles without rounded corners - the gaps where the corners join looks a little strange to me

Thank you for your suggestion, I started to work on it!

Hi Paul, I uploaded a new version without gaps, hope the result is better.